Jackie Payne Acupuncture

Jacqueline Aurora Payne, M.S., L.Ac., C.SMA

​​About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Eastern healing art that originated over 2000 years ago. During a treatment very fine needles are strategically placed into specific points along Meridians found on the surface of the skin. Meridians are channels that are filled with a vital life force called Qi (pronounced “chee”). Various external (ie. weather, trauma) and internal (ie. stress, emotions) factors can disrupt the smooth flow of Qi. This creates a blockage in the Meridians resulting in pain, sickness, anxiety, etc… In Chinese there is a saying, “If there is pain, there is no free flow; if there is free flow there is no pain.” Acupuncture re-establishes and promotes the free flow of Qi, thereby creating health and well being in the individual.
In addition to the insertion of needles, other Eastern healing modalities may be included in an acupuncture treatment. They include:

  • Cupping is the attachment of glass or plastic cups by suction onto the surface of the skin. It warms and promotes the free flow of Qi and Blood through the Meridians thus dispelling pain, swelling and congestion.
  • ​​​Gua Sha involves the application of pressure to the skin with a smooth, round edged object. It will remove Qi and Blood stagnation thus promoting circulation to the muscles, organs and tissues. It eases pain and helps with respiratory and digestive conditions.
  • Moxibustion is the application of burning the herb Artemesia Vulgaris directly or indirectly on an acupuncture point. It regulates Qi and Blood, dispels cold and prevents disease.

  • Diodes/Triple Bypass Cords/ Pachi Pachi influence the electromagnetic flow of the body by balancing  ions. It promotes healing of scarred, injured, or inflamed tissues. 


Styles of Acupuncture

Jacqueline Payne, M.S., L.Ac.,C.SMA utilizes different styles of acupuncture:
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the most widely taught style of acupuncture in North America. It is an analytical, systematic form of acupuncture that was developed from many classical Chinese styles in the People’s Republic of China in the 1950’s.
Kiiko Matsumoto Style Acupuncture (KM) was developed over the past two decades by world-renowned Japanese acupuncturist, Kiiko Matsumoto. KM style encompasses Kiiko’s clinical experience with some of Japan’s most respected acupuncturists. This style utilizes a systematic method of palpation (therapeutic touch) that is designed to provide instant feedback regarding the patients’ condition of health.
Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM) is a modern approach to acupuncture that was developed by the Tri-State College of Acupuncture’s founder, Mark Seem,
Ph.D. APM is rooted in Classical Chinese, French, and Japanese Meridian styles of acupuncture and incorporates “dry trigger point” needling inspired by the late Janet Travell, M.D. This style’s assessment of a patient focuses on palpation of  “holding patterns” or myofascial constrictions in the body.

At the Tri-State College of Acupuncture, Jackie learned APM and KM directly from the acupuncturists who developed these styles (Mark Seem,Ph.D and Kiiko Matsumoto). She continues to study with these master practitioners in post-graduate studies.

 Esoteric Acupuncture was introduced by Dr. Mikio Sankey, L.Ac. over 20 years ago. In this style, traditional acupuncture points are used to create patterns based on the Chakra System, the Quabbalistic Tree of Life and Sacred Geometry. Emphasis is on maintaining and promoting wellness and enabling "spiritual" growth and discoveries by balancing the chakras and removing energetic blocks. Jackie continues to study with Dr. Sankey in post-graduate classes.

Sports Medicine Acupuncture ® (SMA) is an approach to assessing and treating orthopedic, work, and sport related injuries using Eastern and Western principles and techniques. Jackie is a graduate of the SMA Certification Program and has over 245 hours of advanced Sports Medicine Acupuncture training. She continues to study in post-graduate classes with Matt Callison, L.Ac., the founder of the SMAC program.

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